Friday, June 29, 2012

Ashraya Reunion 2012

Friends from the Beginning.

There wasn't a time that at least a group of these kiddos were not holding hands :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Race 12.....a little late :)

First Race in the 30's *big smile*

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Race 10 & 11 *big smile*

Last year I did this race and loved it....decided to try it again. When I signed up I saw the mini ichallenge and figured what the heck :) Fast forward a few months to actually time to run and I thought......what was I thinking? lol!

Last year when I ran it I was pretty excited to run my first race all the way through.....then that last bit (IN THE STADIUM) I just wanted to puke :( So this year the goal was 1. run the whole thing 2. don't feel sick!! Both of which were accomplished!! Woo Hoo!

That was Friday Night. Enter Saturday.....alarm goes off at 6am and you can hear the rain POUNDING on the motel. Stink! The week before I was like "bring it" "first race in the rain" but was quickly reminded of the training run that ended in rain and what that did to my shoes and poor feet and quickly prayed that the rain would stop until the race was over.....and not over for the fast people.....for me a slow runner :) It did! 

Time wise it was quite a bit slower then my first 10k (that will teach me to slack off in the winter!!!) I had a great time and enjoyed myself. Had lots of thoughts while running.....I usually tend to zone. This time there was praying, goal making, and thinking about how far I have come and still would like to go!

Enter this song in the ipod:

I ran so full of thankfulness that while I might be slow.....I was out enjoying a beautiful morning RUNNING. Two legs, forward motion, healthy heart & lungs are a glorious thing :) *tears were flowing at this point!

God and I decided this morning that the new running goal, which I realize will take YEARS, is to Boston Qualify! Just puttin' that out there as a goal!

And here is some of my inspiration:

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thinking ahead to the '12-'13 School Year :)

....yes already :-)

#1 - 9th Grade. High School. 4 years from 18. 4 years from college/career. Possibly close to picking a life mate.

This kid is my Reader. He reads everything and anything he can get his hands on. The dictionary? Yep read that. Encyclopedias? Yep. Been there done that. With that in mind I am thinking My Father's World Ancient History & Literature :)

Reading - Working on that list!

Music - Violin

#2 & #3  - 8th Grade

Paces & Teaching Textbooks.


#2 - Guitar Lessons
#3 - Clarinet Lessons

#4 - Finishing K5 starting 1st.

If she finishes aBeka K5 Program.........

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It totally works :)

My pinterest project for the week ;-)

From HERE.......

Love This!! Can't wait to get some more going! We eat though these like crazy!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Looking ahead to 2012.

1. Start doing extra things for hubby to S H O W how much I love and appreciate him! (thank you pinterest for the first few ideas!)

2. Do the same for kids :)

3. Run 1000 miles. YES that is way way over what I did this year. WAY. But this year I ended a slacking loser in that dept. I also this summer would like to run my first half......that training should help!

4. Continue this weight loss journey. Again this year I have become relaxed.....a bit to relaxed and it shows :(

5. Keep up with getting a bit at a time for Christmas. I hate the stress (that yes I allow myself to feel) at Christmas time. I hate feeling that it will never come together. I shop on Christmas Eve. I forget people. I have actually BOUGHT presents on the way to people homes. Not good. I have big hopes and dreams in that dept lol!!!

6. Think of others. What ways can I bless another person today?

7. One hope this year....which may be way out of my league.....another 5 minutes off my 5k time :) That would make it 35 minutes!!

8. Actually DO a pinterest project at least every other week!!

9. Blog more often!

10. Take more pictures even though the kiddos yell in protest!!

11. Torment the kids with lots of camping trips and trips to visit family!!

Thankfulness :)

‎3 Things I am thankful for this morning.......

1. That I bought 16's at the same time I bought 14's (putting them up in the closet).
2. That I looked in the box BEFORE I hit the thrift store. (I usually forget what sizes are in there and I was SO. SURE. that I had only bought 14's last time.
3.  Yesterday gave away 2 garbage bags full of outgrown boys size 14's and then today at church was given 2 garbage bags full of 16's & 18's :) 

Which means that other then a couple of dress shirts and sweaters......the boys are set for 16 & 18 :) Woo Hoo!!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas :)

How quickly it goes from this:

To This:

To This: