Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mothering Advice ~

Mary over at has asked a question - “What advice or information do you wish you had received to prepare you for motherhood? Or, on the contrary, what advice do you think women soon to become mothers should not be given?” And giving GREAT advice - I completely agree with her - I wish I had more of the "this too shall pass" attitude. I was always ready for the next stage - I wish I had enjoyed what stage they were in more. Because we all know we can't go back. I wish I had researched what I was doing (circumcision, vaccinations, co sleeping, baby wearing etc ) and not taken anyones' word
for it. I wish I had started eating healthy BEFORE my mom died from colon cancer. I wish I had read a book to my kids more. I wish I had done more "training" and not just getting by. The list can go on and on. I can only move forward - do better tomorrow.=)

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Julie said...

I agree with the "go forward and do better tomorrow" advice. Good thing it takes YEARS to raise a child because I'm a slow learner.