Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's all coming together.

Last night we went to Walgreens for our visa photos! 5 minutes ya know........well ONE HOUR later we had our photos and the "little things" for our trip!!!!

Toilet Paper
Children's Pepto
small Tide packets
Triple Antibiotic ointment and band aids
Off Towelettes
Hand Sanitizer

So what did I forget?

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Brooke said...

What about those Children's Johnson and Johnson pre-soaped washclothes that come in the tiny boxes? You just add water and lather them right up. I am thinking they could be great for air travel especially with possible car or air sickness. That way, if there was an accident you could clean her right up! Somebody gave me some of those for a shower gift when I had one of my kids and they were awesome. Hey, who knows, you may want to use them for yourself after a long flight with people that don't always wear deoderant ;)