Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Aww India....

The trip itself went well. We had no issues whatsoever in the airports. I was so thankful! I prayed and prayed while we were in line that we would have whatever papers they requested......and we did.
One thing I noticed, no one smiles in airports. I was driving hubby crazy smiling and telling them "Thank You!" Whatever.

When we arrived in Bangalore it took awhile for our luggage to come out. 35 minutes of "dear Lord please let it be here!" We had it checked from one flight to the other, so we didn't have to "mess" with it in Germany.
As we left the Bangalore Airport we were thankful our driver was still there holding our sign :) I had heard before we left that the driving in India was different......till you are there in the middle of it it is hard to believe it really is that different. But they really use the horns. If you aren't going the speed they would like they beep and flash their lights for you to get out of the way. Lots of driving in the middle of the roads. And stop signs and speed bumps on the "highway".

Our motel was about 45 minutes from the airport. I wish it had been light out to see the things out the window. But we saw enough to know we were definitely not in the states. The poverty was a lot more overwhelming then I anticipated. I could not help but think how different #4's life really is going to be coming to the states. Our poorest of families are very rich in comparison.

We arrived at the motel in one piece...Praise God! And had to wake up the security guard to let us in :) The motel is very nice! The bed is perfect and we will be buying a new mattress come tax season lol!! If you are planning a trip to India bring toilet paper (none in the motel) and pillow cases there are none on the pillows! We are using the hoodies we wore on the flight!

OK I have bored you long enough....I know you are only here to know more about #4 ;) Well 9:30 could not come quick enough! That was the time scheduled to call the orphanage and arrange a time to come meet her!!! They said 10 am would work!! So we gathered up our donations of shampoo, wipes, lotion, tooth brushes and toothpaste and heading for our walk to the orphanage! It actually was a lot closer then I thought. A kind lady....I really should know her name.....ask "James and Jennifer" we said "yes" she pointed to a building and said "this is Ashraya" It is very pretty property....trees everywhere!!!
We walked in the first door and she came a running! Immediately put her hands up and wanted me to pick her up! Do I have to say that I started bawling like a baby. James whispered in my ear "did you find something you want"......boys :)

Even though she was was more of an obligatory hug. Not much emotion. They took us to the "school" room where all the other kiddos were having lessons. Eventually they pulled out everyone's photo albums. It was very sad to watch the kiddos that had no album. I assure you we are not done adopting! I knew that part would be hard......but it was so much worse then I expected!! Anyhow photo albums....she came up and showed me hers. I think she actually had no concept that we were in fact "Mommy and Daddy" in the pictures........she called James "uncle" which is a common thing for them to call the men that come in!

We were there for a bit when one of the children came to sit on my lap and she came up to the child and put her hand on my shoulder and informed the little one that this is "my Mommy" :)
It took her a little while to accept the fact that James was "Daaaaddy" but she did and they were off playing at the park!

After a bit it was lunch time. Man this kids can eat!! #2 you may have some competition in the eating area!! She had 2 big boys of rice "somthings" and some mangos!! The thing about being at Ashraya is I'm not sure our part. Sometimes it seemed that we were supposed to be her caretaker other times they had her do whatever everyone else was doing. Eventually they told her in Kannada (?) to give me her bowl. I assume because she handed it to me and then opened her mouth for a bite. They eat everything then wash it down with water.

After lunch was nap time. They told go eat and rest and come back about 3:30. I told her to have a good nap and I would be back. A big smile and she was down and hopping into bed!!

James and I went to McDonalds for lunch.......I was looking for something familiar.......yea that wasn't it either! Similar I guess but definitely not "American"!!! We then took the time to walk around the streets and look into some of the shops! Oh more then once did I think "man we aren't in states". Your shoes break.....leave them in the street. Change baby's diaper........leave it in the street. Have to go to the bathroom.........yes leave it in the street! There are NO bathrooms or garbage cans in least the area of Bangalore we are in. No wonder you can't drink the water!!! The side walks are very broken up .....I fully expected to break my ankle yesterday! James was offered a pretty green pill??? And mothers would tell there kids to "tell auntie Hi" when we walked by! Very different. Eventually I told James Please can we go back to the room!

@ 3:30 we were back at the orphanage.....and someone came a running!!! We spent a few hours very similar to before. And they it was bedtime. This time I held her close told her to sleep well and we'd be back in the morning. I put her in her bed and she was not happy! She tried to climb out. James said "No stay in bed and told her we would be back.........she started crying. So we walked out hearing her cry.

Back at the room I CRASHED.....after a shower of course!!!!
Well I have bored you enough!!! "See you tomorrow"

Another tip for India....bring OFF!!!


Brooke said...

Wow! Your initial meeting went better than expected- better than most. Yeah!!!! At least you got to go out for lunch. Amy had to eat what they ordered for them. If I saw a kid without a photo book I would loose it too. Good thing you are already in preparations for #5! Can't wait to hear about tomorrow. Kiss N* for me!

proud2Bmomma said...

WOW!!! I don't know what to say! It sounds so exciting. I'm glad it is all going so well. Can't wait for you to come back!!

Kymberlee said...

Thanks for the updates and pics!!!! That was one of the last things that mom wanted to know if we got yet before she went into surgery. I tried pulling it up on my phone but it was not cooperating. I was finally able to get it working and it was the first thing she saw when she was in the recovery room. She is a VERY PROUD grandma of her new granddaughter. (So is her grandpa!!!) She is such a sweatheart!!!!! As far as mom as goes, the surgery went well and I just got her home. She is in alot of pain, however it is not as bad as before. I will keep you updated and keep up w/the updates on your end. Give her a big hug from the Carr set of Grandparents and Aunt:)

A Day In Our Household. said...

Hey this is Jennifer from Cafe Mom IFBMs. I got your blog link from post in the group by proud2Bmomma. I just wanted to let you know that I am super excited for you and your family and am praying for you a safe return home to #'s 1,2,&3!! Also I love reading your blog, I feel like I am right there with you!!

Lissy0913 said...

Wow, your story is so wonderful. You are truly a wonderful women to be taking on this adventure. I can't wait to hear the stories of her adapting to her "new" life. She is so blessed to have you come into her life.