Saturday, November 22, 2008

The t shirt says it all.

She was SO very much "Worth the Wait"!!!!!
God is Good!!!

Well we have a 3 year old sharing our bed :) She is doing better then I expected, praise the Lord!! She has looked through her bag of toys, changed her clothes, watched some youtube and had some snacks!!


Elaine said...

Wish we could be there the first Sunday you are back, but we will have to be patient and meet your daughter on the following Sunday!
We'll be in Iowa for about 8 days.
Still praying for you all though.
Looks like it's going well. I imagine children 1,2, & 3 will be GLAD to see Dad & Mom home again!!
Praise the Lord.

Elaine said...

p.s. One of my children commented that your fall background on your blog is REALLY nice and they liked it. :-)

Nichole said...

She lookes very happy!!

His Hands His Feet Today said...


Pam said...

She is just beautiful Jennifer. Can't wait to continue to follow your journey home.

AutiMama said...

Awe mama ... your LO is beautiful!!
Praise God you have been soo blessed!!