Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today was spent very much like yesterday.......we played at Ashraya for a bit then we went to KFC for lunch. and back at the orphanage to see #4 again. She seemed tired still so she and James just wondered the property quietly.

We talked to the couple of the ladies that run the orphanage, we went over the visa process and got all of her things from the file we did not have for the immigration process. We also got a couple of pictures that we had never seen. They gave #4 a book of India folk stories with the workers and children's names written on the front cover! It was very cool!!

Different from yesterday we walked the other side of town. My first real experience with the children beggars. 3 girls followed us for a bit. 2 stopped but the last one was very persistent. Touching and saying something over and over. I told her no over and over. Before you think I am completely heartless our agency recommends not to give anything for fear of everyone wanting something. Anyhow she then proceeded to pinch me and pull my arm. WOW that too was a lot harder then I expected. Hubby was no help in that situation!!!!

I have this picture before but it hit today what it was. This is a baby bed with a bell on it right off the road :( It made me very sad to think of a Mother dropping her baby off here.

Oh oh!! And I got my first kiss today........


Christy O said...

Jenn and James,
I am so happy for you, and completely understand all the heartbreak you also see. It is so wonderful to see all of your faces and your dear Bailey's face. You inspire me to get going again on another adoption!!!! We are back at the fundraising part! God provides each step of the way! Blessings to you all!
Christy in WI

Anonymous said...

awww, did the new paperwork tell you exactly what her birthdate is or are we just going to give her the one we want :) she has to fit in the family birthdays.