Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#4 Update.

25 Days since we took her from her first home. Overall she has done so much better then we could have imagined. Get this though it is what we prayed for, but didn't expect it? Why is that? I prayed that she would have peace about going with us. That she would somehow just click. That she would like being here. Like our food. Like our weather. Car seat. You get the picture :)

But why is it that I still planned for the worst case scenario? Like my God couldn't do that?

She can say both her brothers names.....and to the right person YEAH! She still can't get her sisters which is odd to me because I think she has the easiest name to say :) She is getting better with "Mommy and Daddy".....for the most part putting the right name with the right person! She yells "Bananas" if she sees them. She has started kissing the dog.....on top of the head and making a loud kissing sound! She has decided peas and corn are not all the bad IF they can be followed by a spoonful of mashed potatoes. She LOVES LOVES LOVES mashed potatoes. She got super excited when I pulled out the mixer the other night at dinner time. Night before last she had FOUR helpings of them (toddler portions!), and was still trying to stick her fork in the pan. NUT!

Well I am being informed of a "change" being needed! I think it may be time for a potty chair purchase ;)


angie said...

Hey Jennifer!

I'd love for you to use the IndiMom badge! Just email me at & I'll send it to you!


Elaine said...

Can it really be 25 days already?
How are you doing? It's different with a little one around again, I imagine. Sounds like she is doing well with all of you too -- Praise the Lord!
Christmas should be fun!
I admire you, Jen.

Wendy said...

Yay!! I'm so glad things are going well for you and your family. PTL!