Monday, December 08, 2008

Another Sunday under her belt :)`

Yesterday was #4's first experience with an evangelist.......lets just say she wasn't impressed with the extra hour of preaching! But overall still did well!! We decided last night we need to change up our Sundays a bit to accommodate her a bit.....we are working on that one. I noticed yesterday that we are expecting her to sit still and for the most part quiet a BIG chunk of the day. So we are going to help her out a bit.

The social worker comes out in the morning for our first post placement visit :) We have to send reports to India for a while. Actually looking forward to how she thinks she is doing!

The only issue we are having with her is, when she wets.....she WETS through everything???? I have tried a disposable, with a cloth diaper, and a cover and she is STILL wet and needs a change of clothes??!?!?!? HELP??


Tammy said...

When my son wet like this, before he was potty trained, I would put a regular disposable diaper (Huggies) on him and then an Huggies Overnight Diaper. Cost more, but saved me a ton of laundry in the long run......

Tammy M

Rachel said...

Jayden was like this. The Huggies Overnights worked well. We also made sure that we changed him as soon as he wet, even if it wasn't much since the next time he wet he would overflow the diaper. For Jayden this lasted a few months and then seemed to get better. Maybe it was something he needed to get out of his system? Not really sure but that's what happened. :)