Saturday, December 13, 2008

What a difference a day makes :)

What ever it was it look like it was a 24 hour bug. So far no one else is showing signs of it Praise the Lord!!

So Thursday Night/Friday morning it hit which made for a not so nice night of sleeping.....too much info've been warned! After everything and then some was out of my stomach, I was able to sleep.

I woke up Friday morning.....knowing I had "slept in" and asked #3, "what time is it?" 11:30 WHAT? yes Mom it is 11:30 :) OH NO where is #4??? I look over and she is sleeping soundly at 11:30!!! Now it helps that our bedroom is in he middle of our house....or building.....and it has no windows. NONE it is pitch black in there in the middle of the afternoon on a bright sun shining day!! But still 11:30?????

So I get up only to feel woozy and ask the kids what on earth have you been doing??
Dad said you didn't feel good and gave us a list of things to do while you slept.........honestly bless the man....what did I do to deserve him????? They then proceeded to pull out the math, reading, and science they had done. They did the dishes, and had the laundry going :)

Then #4 was UP and ready to start her day.......#3 says "i got her mom" and went and changed her and put new jammies on.....cause we were going no where!! The kids then played quietly for the most part of course on the floor of our bedroom.

Hubby call on his way home and asks how I'm he orders pizza for dinner :)

So he comes home and I can tell he is going over what the kiddos did in "school" minus the teacher that day.

Blessed beyond measure over here on 10 acres.............


Christy O said...

I'm telling you, it is nice to have older kiddos with younger ones! Those hands are so very, very helpful, and the bond those kids will have will be nothing short of amazing. And kuddos to your dear hubby for his thoughtfulness. Having been on the receiving end when hubby has also done something similar, well, it is the greatest blessing!! Goodnight, hope you feel better soon!

Brooke said...

Wow! You have your family trained. Don't you love having your kids with you all day. Not only can you enjoy them when you are feeling well, but they can also bless you when you are under the weather. Hats off to James. What a great family. Maybe God allowed Nidhi to sleep late so that you could get some extra rest :)

Wendy said...

That's just amazing when kids do that. One time I was sick and ds took care of his sister while I slept. They really can do more than we give them credit for!

Elaine said...

I'm have bragging rights on your family.
Too, too sweet.
You didn't say a word on Sunday about being's going around though, isn't it.
Of course, did we even talk on Sunday??? I think I smiled a couple of times at you. Just come up and start talking....I'll listen. Really! We'll have the two oldest and the son-in-law home this week! yeah! No flu here, please.
We have a mouse in our house this evening...ah, such joy, such fun...I hate mice.
Well, see you Sunday!
I am behind on checking your blog posts.