Thursday, February 26, 2009

Been Busy.

Seems like our days have been quite full :) #4 has had a few dr appts. Then blood work, urine analysis, more blood work follow up appts. YEAH!
Next we have more testing.......DIRTY DIAPERS are needed for that one and I will leave that right there ;)

So far everything has come back clear....which honestly doesn't surprise me much. Her only "issue" is her lead levels are high and her iron is low. So she stays on her iron drops and they will monitor her lead levels a bit just to make sure they go down. So far so good on that one it has gone from 17 to 13 in just a few weeks.
But because they were high "10" is considered high.....the health dept had to come visit. Fun! It was basically for her to check that she wasn't chewing on lead paint and that we were feeding her a balanced diet :) Ok then!

We are slowly getting things together for adoption #2. We are hoping to update our home study at the same time we have our last post placement for #4. So maybe by the end of summer we can have our dossier on it's way to India ASSUMING that the orphanage approves us :)

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russianindianmommy said...

Glad to hear her lead level has dropped, the medical tests are fun aren't they :P

I am so impressed with your pursuit of #5 what an awesome time for your family!