Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Will you pray with us?

So when we first wanted to adopt again I requested the WACAP photo album. There was a little boy "D" in Northern India that caught my eye. He was what we were looking for.

Rewind to our time in India. There was this boy who caught both my husbands and my eyes. You could tell he was quite behind. But his smile. It is forever a picture in my mind. It's an orphanage that is no surprise but this ONE boy I thought to myself he so deserves a family :) Said boy didn't seem to be available for adoption at least not with WACAP.

When I posted here about India or AA adoption I had contacted WACAP for info about the AA program.

We got that info yesterday. They included the NEW wacap photo album. Guess whose little face I saw????? Can you guess???? Yep it was him. HIM!!! The little boy from the same orphanage as #4!!

Specific things you can pray about:
  1. We have 4 kids in the home......could be "too many"
  2. #4 has been home such a short time........could be to our disadvantage.
  3. We would need the orphanage to approve us again.
  4. We would be adopting out of "order".......he is 2 yrs older then #4 :)

But that smile!!


Lalena said...

So which little boy? I'm curious. You can write me offline if you don't feel comfortable sharing. :-) I'm so excited for you guys!! Right now we are still on #1 and holding. Jason will not even entertain #2. We shall see how that plays out. :-)

A Stafford said...

Which WACAP book? I have the Issue 5, volume 5 from Jan. Is there a newer one?

~ Carrie ~ said...

(((JEN))) If it is the Lord's will for you, He will make it happen. I personally would hold off for awhile as you have not had your new one very long. She and your other kiddos need some "time". :-)


Anonymous said...

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