Tuesday, March 03, 2009

How does he do that?

(Some background info) We have been working with the boys on how to "look presentable", keeping their shirts tucked in (when appropriate) and what not :)

This weekend we introduced #4 to Blues Clues.....old school Blues Clues. With Steve. NOT Joe LOL :) #2 (age 9 1/2) comes in and starts watching it too and says, as Steve is dancing around checking the mail, "how does he do that AND keep his shirt tucked in!?!"

In the words of #4 ".......with her thumb up in the air.........
"Good Job Steve!!!!"


Tisra said...

Steve all the way! Blue's Clues with Joe is hardly Blue's Clues, is it? ;-)

A Stafford said...

Joe totally wrecked that show---come back Steve!!

Anyway, don't let them get too much fashion advice from Steve---his belt and shoes don't match and he wears the same clothes every day!! :-)