Monday, March 23, 2009


All poo labs came back clear!!! WooHoo!!!! We are waiting on one more test results (urine) from Mayo......maybe by the end of the week.

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This test is done to measure amino acid levels in the urine. There are many different types of amino acids. It is common for some of each kind to be found in the urine, but increased levels of individual amino acids can be a sign of an inborn error of metabolism.

Screening infants for increased levels of amino acids can lead to early diagnosis of an inborn error of metabolism. If the condition is promptly treated, complications such as severe mental retardation may be prevented.


CalvaryGirl said...

Praise the Lord! How did you come about this test to know to do it? is it common or something that's recommended for adopted children?

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Brooke said...

Yeah! No bugs in the poo. What a blessing. Praying for the amino acid test to bring the same great results :)

BTW- Did you ever get your $300 from WACAP for doing the post placement visit #1? It is part of the Promise Child fund. Just got the check and wanted to make sure you got yours too :)