Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a busy few days!!!

The new 4 yr old :)

The new 11 yr old :)

Easter Morning......confused #4....."Mine Birfday?"

My April Bdays......and Daddy Matched too.

My August Bdays :) Not sure what happened to #3's leg lol :) I assure you it is still there!!!

On Thursday we went to my Sister's....have I mentioned that I *LOVE* having her here... my grand parents were here and it was my BIL's evening off. So we had a fun family togetherness night.

On Friday we got together with my Dad and his wife.....for another family togetherness night :)

On Saturday we went to my in laws for yet another family togetherness night :)

Sunday....I saved the best news for last :) Sunday was #1's bday so my sister and her family decided to come to our church. And our pastor "just so happened" to speak about the difference between believing in God and Knowing God as your personal Saviour, seeking Him for salvation through what Christ did on the cross for us. WELL MY BIL (Brother in Law).....went forward GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!

Then on Sunday Night #2 got baptized.......GOD IS SOOO GOOD!!!!


A Stafford said...

Looks like an eventful weekend! I'm glad we're not the only family with matching Easter outfits-although we did not coordinate by birthday :-). Your family is just beautiful, Jennifer.

CalvaryGirl said...

Oh Praise the LORD!! That's so exciting!!! I love, love, LOVE the color coded-matching outfits. Simply precious. Hey pray for my uncle if you think about it- he's in the hospital very sick and isn't saved.

~*~ Wendy ~*~
Happy Gratituesday!!I thought it was JesusWhat's a "Moses moment"?

Brooke said...

How awesome to see your child choose to dedicate his life to Christ and walk out in obedience through baptisim- all those prayers are bearing much fruit :)