Sunday, June 07, 2009

12 Years Ago...... I married my 18 Year old best friend.

And he became by the Grace of God a Great Husband. Even better Dad. Traveler to India. Grew a heart for adoption. A Jack of ALL Trades. A Home school Dad. A Man who would go to work everyday with out complaining. A Church Bus Driver. A Sunday Morning, Sunday Night, Wednesday night and every other time the doors are open church attender. He has stepped up and made decisions for our family that I *know* were hard for him, he may even gone against what I wanted. But in the end I know he prayed about it and that is enough for me.

He is more then I ever could have dreamed of having.

I am blessed. Beyond Measure.

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Brooke said...

Happy Anniversary! You should be proud of 12 years these days. Congratulations on 12, and praying blessings for many, many more