Friday, June 05, 2009

Life on a "farm" I guess. VERY random thoughts ahead!

On our local freecycle group someone posted the need for a rabbit cage. When we got our 2 bunnies they came with a cage.....but with our rabitat it wasn't needed so I offered it. Long story short we now have another rabbit. (The one checking out our new chicken coop.)

ANYHOW....he's crazy...okay not really he is a he and it's spring. Enough said let keep this a G rated blog -k-. SO hubby whips him up his own personal rabitat YEAH! He gets to stay. He is the sweetest little thing he runs next to us checking what we are doing and follows us around.

And thanks to Linda......I now want to name our farm :) Any ideas?

Today I scared the fire outta #4......she was SO VERY excited to show me something. Something that made her Mama SCREAM. She looked at me like "what the heck is your problem!?!" It was a frog or toad I really don't care either. But he or she is outside and all is well again.
Back in 97 when we found out we were pregnant I prayed for a boy. I always wanted an older brother or a brother at all. But it is just my sister and I. So I wanted a boy. I mean WANTED a boy. Well I got what I asked for and these days (frogs and language) I wonder what on earth was I thinking.

VERY excited.....most of you won't care........but my Grandpa sent me 6 boxes of jars for canning, AND my step Mom has some for me too. WOO jars!!! I plan on filing them up too.

ALSO for your reading boredom all of the "whipped" up stuff was from wood we had laying around and hubby found fencing in someones garbage......yeah it was ALL free so far :)

Thank You Jesus for those blessings!

We are off tomorrow to pick up our chickens YEAH. Get this we are driving INTO the city to get them. We have had a hard time finding anyone who would ship just a few chickens. So here we go....well tomorrow...ya know what I mean.

Last but not least the fundraisers mentioned will be explained more when they make more sense to me :) I found an organization that sells coffee on their web site and gives a portion to an adoption fund. I don't think it is up and running till September but we'll see where the Lord takes that one.

That's it I think. If you made it to the end of this post. I am excited for you that now you know all of this mostly useless information. I am in a weird mood today for some reason :)
Need to go need to clean up round here......we have picnic/ movie in the park tonight!! The kids are SO excited!!!


Brooke said...

That was hilarious. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures with the chickens. Jars are awesome, because they are going to be holding all of your delicious and nutritious vegetables from your garden. Good for you. . . teach me your ways, oh gardening master ;)

Tisra said...

What's a rabitat? Rabbit+ habitat, I get... but what is *different* about that than a cage?

A Stafford said...

I think I need to lay down now, after all that! I'm just dying to see pics of your new chickens when you get them! I hope "city" chickens won't have culture shock when they arrive on your farm! You'll have to take their i-pods and cell phones away from them.