Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today #4 and I spent the morning together! How fun to grocery shop with just one kid!!! We had so much fun deciding what was for dinner, what kind of cereal to get etc. you know how to grocery shop :) I also forgot what a cheap date a toddler is for lunch!! WooHoo!!!

But I sat there amazed at the fact that *I* have an Indian Princess. I do. She's home. There is no waiting until the next step. 7 Months. WOW. God is good to us.

She is gorgeous. Just plain gorgeous! Her hair is almost long enough for a "pony"......which I love! Her eye lashes are long. I love looking at her eyes! She has such character in them.

And just for the record some people have implied that I may not be telling the whole truth. But I am she is a very easy child to parent. We really haven't had issues with her at all! Again God has been good to us. I'll be honest that makes me a bit concerned about doing it again :) Can we get another easy to parent kiddo..........stand tuned to find out huh!

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Aaron Tague said...

I can always count on you for a good "woohoo" and a one word title with a period at the end :) OK, so are you referring to me being one who has questioned the "whole truth" theory? If so, it was probably just jealousy that your adoption has been so smooth. In fact, I think our adoptions have been polar opposites, but I know God planned it all and will provide the necessary strength at the just the right time. BTW- I am really jealous of your gardens :) Garden = Free food!