Saturday, July 25, 2009

Care to take a Guess :)

1) Favorite board Game?
a) Life
b) Monopoly
c) Clue
d) Checkers

2) Middle Name?
a) Sue
b) Suzanne
c) Susan
d) Lynne

3) What attracted me to my Husband?
a) Personality
b) Eyes
c) "Rear"
d) Feet

4) Growing up how many kids did I want?
a) 2 Boys 1 Girl
b) 4 Boys
c) 3 Girls
d) More then I could count

5) What is my favorite School Subject?
a) Math
b) English
c) History
d) Science

6) What was my nickname growing up?
a) Sweety
b) Cockroach
c) Beck's Big Sister
d) Snake
e) Honey

7) I secretly would like to be a ________ for a day?
a) Nurse
b) Missionary
c) Actress
d) Midwife

8) What am I scared of?
a) Death
b) Spiders
c) Dark
d) My Computer Crashing ;)

9) When did I "fall" for Hubby?
a) At a Youth Activity
b) After a few (chaperoned) dates ;)
c) At Church Camp
d) When I met him

10) I seceretly would LOVE to have what as a "pet"?
a) Giraffee
b) Elephant
c) Tiger
d) Dolphin
e) Zebra

1 comment:

Elaine McD. said...

1. monopoly
2. Suzanne
3. b?
4. d
5. a (math)
6. C
7. d
8. b
9. a
10. e? I don't know, really.
How did I do???? :-)
Is there a prize for answering FIRST???? ha. :-)