Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Looking for Verses!

We are going to work on more Bible memorization this year!!

So can you share with me your favorite verse???


A Stafford said...

My plan for weekly memory work involves tying them to a devotion. For example, if our Bible story was creation, we would memorize Genesis 1:1, Psalm 139:13, Psalm 33:6&9, something like that. A homeschooling family could tie that into a life science unit if desired. Another example: Joshua and the fall of Jericho: Phil 4:13, Deut 31:6--and so forth. (Trying to at least have one NT and one OT for each week.)

We want our memory work to acknowledge that we are sinful beings saved through grace and loved by God so that we can find comfort in the trials we experience, and be able to share the Gospel with others.

Hope that's helpful for you--there are many internet resources which will help you find verses on a particular topic if you don't have a concordance.

Thanks for bringing up the topic. I've gotten lazy with our Bible memory work and need to fix that!

Brooke said...

You should check out Sing the Word by the Steve and Annie Harlow. It focuses on Scriptures important to basic foundational principles. My kids love it and I enjoy randomly hearing the kids singing the songs throughout the day!