Friday, July 17, 2009

PJ Academy 2009/2010 School Year.

I love seeing how other home schoolers have their school space set me ideas :)
So I thought I'd share some of the changes we made at PJ Academy!

We are working with a small space. Rooms have to double up ;) Someday I would LOVE to have a room to just home school......we'll see!!

The bulletin board is a new idea this year.
This has our school verse. Proverbs 1:7
Our Reading Charts.
Our New Schedule.
Chore Chart and how to take care of all the animals.
AND a way for the kids to now earn their computer minutes!

Computer "Minutes"

The board will also have 3 of these. One for each of the bigger kiddos.
It will be a weeks supply of work. So if they choose to work ahead they can.
We are going to try for a bit more independent studying this year.
That will work for 2 of them 1 not sure and won't work for #4 ;)
This is also my "cheater" way of keeping track of what we do this year. had oodles of different types of printouts!! If you are a home school Mom or just a Mom looking to organize a bit
I HIGHLY recommend checking that site out!!!

This is in the Office/Library.
The Top Half of "Big Kid" Section

The Bottom Half.
The always full library bag!

#4's Section!

This is in the Family/Dining Room
Used for the Verse of the Week and "Copy Work"
Also Reminders for Mom of what needs to be done that week ;)


Aaron Tague said...

Yeah!!!!! I love planning the homeschool year. I am getting inspiration from your pictures. If you ever want to talk "homeschool" just e-mail!

Brooke said...

Ok, one more thing. . . last year I started using Homeschool Tracker (basic edition), which is a free download. With a few clicks a day, you can record attendance, field trips, book logs, assignments, grades, etc. At the end of a term you can print all the reports and throw them in a binder. It is totally free and totally easy! I was using the paper organizers, but found this was a really great tool for keeping organized. Check it out.

Manic Mom said...

We are anxious over here too. This time of the year is so much fun. We are moving in 2 weeks so we are going to have even more work to do, but it will be a challenge. Thanks for the great ideas.