Saturday, August 01, 2009


Today we went out for the first time in a few days. Yes sad deprived stay at home home school mom here!!!

ANYHOW......there were flags & yellow ribbons EVERYWHERE I was thinking what on earth is going on?

Then I started seeing signs.......WELCOME HOME TROOPS. Homemade ones, really nice ones, businesses had signs in the windows. Those signs with the letters that you change ALL of them every single one in town said "Welcome Home".

I guess our National Guard Unit in our area is returning.

There is a parade tomorrow "in town" welcoming them home!!!

Just thought it was awesome that they do that!!!!

Welcome Home Guys!!! You make us proud!!!!! And Free!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the bumpersticker that you have at the end of this post. There's a group that stands and protests war and the military that I have to pass on my way home from work every afternoon (don't these people have jobs? How do they have time to stand out there with signs every day at rush hour?). I've often wished I could stand out there with a sign supporting the troops, I think I will copy this and find the time to stand out there too.