Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chillin' with the Fam :)

Been Quiet? Yep! We've been busy this week chillin' on Lake Michigan with some Family!! My Dad and his wife rented 2 houses. My sister and her family, my dad and his wife and my family in one house. The other house has my Dad's wife's daughter and their families. FUN!! Mornings are filled with shopping, afternoons and evening are filled with splashes at the Lake, some park time thrown in there for fun!! We've seen some beautiful sunsets! Some fishing! Lots of smiles and lots of eating!! And a bit of whining too LOL!!! We have 10 kids between the 4 daughters. 11 is the oldest - 4 months is the youngest!!

So we are at the Lake today and I tell hubby about THIS family and how we basically have with all 4 of us what JUST that family has......he looks around and says "We could do it!" :)

This is the house we stayed in :) It was 3 floors AND then a basement! The basement was just the laundry facilities. Then the main level had the Master Bedroom. Dad got that one.....well I guess since he paid for a big junk of it lol! Then we took the 2nd story. 3 bedroom and a bath and a sitting area with cable and wireless internet. Then Beck got the 3rd with a bedroom and a sitting area!

The house ROCKED! BUT I learned that I would loose OODLES of weight if I had a house this big!!! 2nd story bathroom to the basement for laundry!!!

I'll post inside pics when we get home! Left the camera cord at home. I "stole" those pics from the web site :)

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Brooke said...

I have been worried sick. Glad to hear you are alive and well. Sounds like a blast. Keep us updated. . .