Monday, August 24, 2009

Going to try and get away from boxes of cereal.....we eat through AT LEAST one closer to 2 a sitting and is it just me or hard to find decent for you cereal at a decent price :)

These may not be a whole lot better for ya.....but I think with everything on sale I can at least make them for cheaper then 2 boxes of cereal. That's my theory......don't burst my bubble!


Gorilla Bread .....okay that looks really bad for ya ;)

Cream Cheese Squares

Sausage Bites were a hit last week (or the week before)

We are still waiting on Summer here in our neck of the woods.....we actually pulled out the sweatshirts last night and this morning. So I found some cheap boxes of "warm cereal" & fresh fruits for days we don't want a sugar high LOL!!


We are TIRED of sandwiches.....this weeks lunches will be leftover from the night before. If we run out we have PB&J as a backup!


Paula Dean's Taco Soup

All in one Chicken Bake.....also on my last menu :)

Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Home made fries and Squash.

Taco Ring

Home Made Pizza

5 Minutes Southwest Layered Salad .....recommended by a Friend!

Spaghetti and Garlic Bread


Goals for this week:
  1. Push the water this week. We have fallen completely outta the habit of drinking enough!
  2. Push the fruits and veggies. I only bought a few "snacks". So fruits = snacks this week!
  3. 30 Minutes of Exercise per person. That is less for the kids and more for Momma ;)
  4. Pick one Room/Area a Day and Deep clean like it's spring clean it!
  5. Be thankful EVERYDAY!!! I will live like Philippians 4:11 & 1 Timothy 6:8 are my life verses!
  6. I WILL stop waiting for that next thing to make me the mean time I am missing what I do have!
  7. I will tell my Husband and my children that I Love Them everyday at a time other then Bed Time :)


Our Family said...

Love the Goals,it's funny cause those are some of my goals also,but first we gotta get in the preschool routine,Waiting at #1 for our referral,Gidget:)

Brooke said...

I think it is great to get new meal ideas. It seems like we eat the same things every week. Can't wait to try your delicious recipes :)