Friday, August 21, 2009

Thinking out loud :)

On our way home from Michigan for our week at the Lake we stopped at my in laws for a birthday party.


I never mentioned that! The twins turned 10 while we were on vacation!!!!! I have more double digits then not! How did that happen? We are blessed to have these 2 a part of our family that is for sure! I didn't always think when they were not sleeping through the night ;)

#2 is a fun, hands on kid of boy. He is right in there with his Dad and all the Farm Projects. Today he put more roost in the chicken coop for them :) He is an animal lover like his Momma and a swimming fool!

#3 is girly to the core. I didn't sign up for this I tell ya! I could probably count on one hand I how many time I have painted my nails.......we have a weekly painting with this kid. And at 10 I didn't *need* my purse to go with me everywhere LOL! All kidding aside she is a blessing and joy to have around! She is a fabulous big sister and becoming a fabulous house keeper!!


Any how back to my thinking. I watch #4 in the giant "sand box" and in my in laws pool and thought about how different her life has change in the past year. How last year this time we wondered "Will she ever come home?" "What is the next paper that needs to be signed?" "What will she be like?" Always waiting waiting waiting. And now here she is. Here. Home. We are so blessed!

I thought also about what her life could have been life had she stayed in India. Maybe it wouldn't have turned out bad. But she has a family that will forever have her back. Support her in what she wants to do in life.

She is doing amazing with school. She has such a desire to learn! She recognizes A B & C and what sound they make. She can count to 5 and knows the numbers on her fingers :) She knows she is 4. Still working on the name sometimes she's "B" and sometimes she's "N". Which is our fault because we call her by both names :)

She has changed so much in the past 9 months. Physically. Mentally. She really doesn't seem to be too far behind! She is still a chatterbox :) She seems pretty well bonded to us. Her "love" of other people is dwindling. She doesn't run up to just anyone to get/give a hug! I'm thinking that is a good sign! Her fears are dwindling too! She is JUMPING in the pool now which she didn't want to at the beginning of summer!

She is amazing. Smart. And oh so funny. She figured out that is she claps and yells she can get the dog to bark "with her"........many times the past few days I have had to put a stop to the howling!

That was a lot more random then I wanted but I think you get the picture!!

#5......we still haven't given up on him yet! Every time I think there is no hope God gives me some sort of a sign that the door hasn't closed on us. Just that our time table is not His :) We still basically are at the same point. Fund will come if it is meant to that I know for sure!

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Brooke said...

Yes, it is hard to imagine the dramatic change in lifestyles. It sounds like she is growing in all areas by leaps and bounds!

Love the new look!