Sunday, September 20, 2009

Doing Okay!

Before you adopt...and I think it is safe to assume everyone who is pre adopt....searches and searches on bonding and attachment :) Before #4 came home that was me! Search. What if? Search. What if?

Another adoptive Mom recommended this site for attachment/bonding!

I looked through the list at almost 10 months home at she is 37 outta 38......WOOHOO!!!!! I think that is pretty awesome!!! God is Good!

The only one I don't think she is right on is:
Show signs of feeling safe in social situations; able to play and interact with others, but stays close and checks in with primary caregiver regularly but not in an anxious or desperate way.

I think she is still VERY nervous in new situations. Any place out of our "Normal" Range. Wal Mart, the grocery store, church, either Grandparents house :) I even notice a nervousness when the people are not the same. She has excepted that "Daddy is at Work" but when we do something with out the siblings it really throws her off!! And she is constantly asking where they are. That may be age appropriate though being that I still consider her to be about 2 1/2 really. I just don't remember ;)

She doesn't like to talk to strangers anymore......when she first came home it was hard because we were just as much strangers and the guy on the other side of church or the cashier at the store or just about any random person! But I think she has that figured out now! She doesn't yet understand that you can talk to them sometimes.... ya know when the judge it talking to you ;) I suppose that will come with time!

All in all I think she is doing amazing!!


The Fab 4 said...

Terrific! Very encouraging, by the way. :)

Lalena said...

Awesome! I'd say that is better than pretty good. It's fantastic! Keep up the great work mommy. I'm going to do this for Pandu. I think I need a little encouragement in that area right now as we are firmly in the rebellion stages. ;)