Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not really feeling it.

So we took #4 to her first carnival on Friday Night :) Took her on the Tilt a Whirl.......carnival rides are NOT her thing just in case anyone cares to know! She was all excited to ride the Tilt with Mommy until that is it started lol!!! She screamed and scratched and well it wasn't pleasant. I tried to convince her that is was just like swinging (which she LOVES) but she wasn't buying it!!
.........Then I learn from that great hubby o mine that the guy asked him should he stop and he said "No I think she will like it eventually" yea thanks honey. THANKS!!!!
Then we thought we'd be able to redeem ourselves by getting her on the kiddie motorcycles. Luckily after her screaming the kind lady said "your brother can ride with you for free". It was hilarious becasue she stuck her toungue out at the ride the whole time!!

Ahhh maybe next year will be better.................


Brooke said...

At least you provided her with the experience of fair rides ;) It WILL be better next time!

Mallorie said...

Aww I wish you had pics!!