Wednesday, October 21, 2009


.....I wish I was introducing #5 to you but not yet :(
.........Hubby's 31st Birthday is coming up and this little guy is his present from the Kids and I :) His name is Prince Anakin Leeben :) Called Anakin. NOT after the Star Wars Character! We originally set out for a female and I was searching "Female German Names" and Anniken came up meaning Grace, Favor.....but I then searched it as a male name after the fact and as a male name it is American meaning "Warrior" okay hubby liked that better anyhow LOL!!!! Leeben (I think I spelled it the way it is pronounced) I *thought* in the German to English Dictionary from the library meant "Love" searching the internet it is spelled Leben and means "to live, to exist, to subsist, to be alive" his name means nothing that I thought but we still like it LOL!!!!

Hard to believe that cute little face will be like this:

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A Stafford said...

lieben (lee-ben)= to love
leben (lay-ben)= to live

So, let's just say your pup lives to love or loves to live. He's a cutie with any name!