Wednesday, November 04, 2009

2 Weeks and 3 Days.

I had heard before that Dobermans were smart little Canines......but like everything in life I don't believe it until I see it. This is our first experience with a Doberman!

He can:
  • Sit
  • Shake
  • Down
  • High 5
  • Come.......for the most part......he is still a Dog ;)
  • Wait......we put his bowl or treat in front of him and make him "Wait" until we say "Okay"
  • And he knows he is expected to sit and let us in the door first.
  • He is doing well heeling too!
He is a little nut :) He thrives on routine just like a kid! He get to sleep in our bed to "watch" tv with us then sleeps in his crate and KNOWS when it's time for tv and when it is crate time.

Okay I will stop there. Ya'll are probably thinking, "Wow she has flipped her lid!".

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