Monday, November 16, 2009

Some Tried and Some to try Recipes :)

This post started out just wanting to share a few recipes lol!! And it has turned into a novel :) I started asking around, looking at the Kraft Food Magazine and searching the Taste of Home Web Site!! Bad Bad Idea.


King Ranch Chicken

Enchilada Casserole ......2 Thumbs Up!!

Cheddar Loaves ......the Kids (So did Mom and Dad) gave this 2 thumbs up!!!

Taco Soup ......I MAY have posted this one before ;) YUMMY!!!!!

Easy Pleasing Meatloaf ........2 Thumbs Up Especially the guy family members!

Watergate Salad

Cheese Lover's Pasta Roll Ups

Kelly's Potato Soup: Everyone LOVED this one!!!!!

Use a flour and butter base. Sautee some green onions in it. Then you can add 8 cups of milk OR you can add like 7 cups of water and one can of condensed milk. Thicken or leave "thin", however your family likes their soup. My family likes soup to be thick so I use corn starch and a little bit more milk to thicken it up. I add a bunch of already cooked chunked up potatoes. You can either cut them up and boil them or bake them and then cut them up. I add 10 ounces of sliced American cheese. But you can add more or less to taste. Then add some salt and pepper, bacon if you like, garnish with some cut up ends of the green onions. Sooooooo yummy. Then I home make some honey/oatmeal bread to go with the soup.

To Try:

Chicken Fingers

Twiced Baked Potatoes

Creamy Corn Soup

Creamy Bacon Cheddar Dip

Chicken Fried Steak......

I buy cubed steak, cut them to size (whatever you prefer)

In two separate pie tins (or tupperware) make one pie tin wet ingredients (I use 2 eggs and milk[you might need more]) the other tin, use for flour.

I add seasoning to the egg mixture (garlic powder, salt, pepper, and season salt.) I also add the same seasoning to the flour. *I know it sounds like a lot of seasoning, but it really isn't*

Then dip the steaks in egg, then flour, then drop it into your pan that has hot oil in it (I usually don't use a lot of oil, about 2 inches of oil, you could usually guess on how much you need.) Fry them up until cooked, smother in gravy and enjoy ;)

For Thanksgiving:

Waldorf Salad ......Hubby LOVES this!!!

Snickers Salad .....MMMMM!!


Scalloped Corn .......maybe?

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