Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's been awhile :)

Can you say Poor Dog lol :)
Sometimes I find the silliest pictures on my camera!

Eating a cookie as big as her head!!!
The kiddos got a special treat for behaving like champs
on one of those never ending errand days AND we still need
to hit the grocery store Days!!

I just thought this was too cute!!!
#1 has really step up to the plate with the dog that he didn't even want :)
He told me the other day after I asked him why he was so loving to Anakin
even though I knew he didn't like him?
He said Mom he's here and I will make the best of it.

Where have I been? Christmas Shopping :) Probably a bit too much LOL!!!! We are pretty even for the older 3 but poor #4.........I looked on eBay and nothing jump out to me for her. So I am going to hit Target for some "baby" things. She seems the most in to babies!
The boys have hit the Lego Jack Pot!! YEAH!!!! I found some great deals on eBay for them. One set that I got is now up to $365.........FOR LEGOS Ya'll. WOW I didn't pay 1/4 of that price :)


A Stafford said...

Anju is really into babies, too. I got her the doll potty accessory set they have at Target. It comes with a little potty, a couple diapers, a package for wipes and some cream. The toilet flushes and I think she'll find it a scream. I also got her an AA Dressy Daisy doll by Playskool off of eBay. Babies was the only thing I could come up with for mine too!

Awesome job with your eBay deals! How else is Christmas done?

You can tell from our blogs how swamped we all have been, huh?

:)De said...

Anakin's ears look GREAT! I too found great lego deals on Ebay. Someone did a 1 day sale and I think enough people did not see it as they were watching bigger fish, so I ended up getting a 500 piece set for a fantastic price.



Brooke said...

I was getting a little worried about you, until I saw on Facebook that you were deep in Ebay bidding wars. I understand the frustration with finding a great gift for the girls. Nisha does push her doll in a little stroller, but other than that, really doesn't play with toys. I got her one of those doll heads where you style the hair and think she will actually play with that. I also added some wooden food for use with her kitchen, and the usual staple of lip gloss and coloring books ;) Good luck and let me know what you find!