Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Every feel like your life has too many distractions? Like something really needs to give? Your Days are too Full? Ever get to the end of your day and wonder, "What on earth did I do all day?".

Beginning (or continuing) to feel that way over here. Praying about what can give. I have goals of being a better wife, better mom, better Teacher and just a better Jennifer ;)

Praying about what can give?

Other Type of Distraction I'm dealing with!
So far I have read my Bible every day that I have planned. But more to get it done. Not to savor the Word. But I feel that is at least a start. My mind just starts running. I need to do this. Organize this. Do this with the kids for school. Go here. Deposit this. Get this done. Plan this. Workout. Menu Plan. Budget. I need to...mop, sweep etc. Feed this animal. Take that one out. You know the drill. I suppose part of the is "just life". But still seems there is something missing (besides another child ;))

Our Pastor has been preaching about Fellowship with God and the importance of it. So that is what sparked the getting through the New Testament. But how do you get the day's distractions from well.......distracting you?


Four..and ONE from India said...

I feel the same way along with thinking of Maiya almost every moment and continually checking my email for news. How do we be supermom everyday? Gidget

Brooke said...

I can totally relate to this post. Not sure I have any answers, but I am right there with ya ;)

Elaine McD. said...

Bible reading -- sometimes in the bathroom, and sometimes at nighttime after everyone else is in bed. It seems to get interrupted otherwise...I know what you are talking about.
Love you, Jen, and appreciate how you challenge me by your life.