Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Longest Post EVER.

The problem with not posting much is when you do you have SO. MUCH. TO. SAY. when ya finally get around to posting LOL!!!

Hmmm what have we been up to?? Not much just remodeling. Christmas. Rearranging. Cleaning. Dusting. LAUNDRY. Running a dishwasher (which is still pretty exciting) feeding animals. Adding more animals since my last new pets post :) Christmas as always is busy. For everyone :) We started out Christmas at our Home. It was a wonderful morning. Ending with a trip to the In Laws for the afternoon and evening with Hubby's extended family. Then Christmas with his immediate family the next morning. Then off to my Dad's for Christmas with them. WOWZERS we fit a lot of Christmas in 2 Days :)

Onto Pictures:

Christmas Morning at our House:
#4 had these at Ashraya. When I saw then I could not resist!

#2 Opening one of the M.A.N.Y. Legos sets!!

#1 and the ONE Legos Set he really Wanted!!! That face makes it worth all the eBay Headache!!!

Then onto the Hunt!! This has become one of my favorite traditions. It started with the inability to wrap bikes and has turn into a yearly tradition!!!

This years gift.........A Wii!!!!!
To which the Boys Promptly said, "YEAH a Wii.....let's go play Legos"

Christmas @ The In Laws:

My MIL & SIL found this for #4! Isn't it great!!!!

It's too bad she doesn't appear to love it huh? ;)

I can't believe I didn't take one Picture at My Dad's.......Hmmm I will have to hit him up for some :) He has a better camera anyhow lol!!!!

Our 2 New additions: Titus and Jedi. We haven't had Kitties in a long time. But for some reason Winter and Living in the Country I always feel the "need" for kitties. Yes my friends we have an uninvited guest among us. My Husband doesn't understand my love for animals but hatred toward Mice :)
Titus love to cuddle and be warm under the blankets. Jedi is a bit more independent. She will put up a fight with Anakin.

And the Hubby's New Project:

With the lack of an office we did some rearranging yesterday. Like 12 Hours of rearranging :) We kicked the kids outta their closet and moved their clothes into the laundry room closet. Some ease though for putting laundry away :) We are now using the kids closet for PJ Academy Central!!! WOWZERS!! 4 Kids have A LOT of Clothes and Books!!!!!

Overall it is coming together nicely though! No complaints! Especially when we get to turn that dishwasher on lol!!!!

Hmm looking forward to "Normal" come Monday!!!! Of course the new year bring thoughts of Weight Loss, Organization, Schedules. But more importantly the countdown to SPRING!!!!!!!!!!

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Brooke said...

Girl, I am counting down the days to spring right there with you!

1) What was inside the box that you said they had at Ashraya? It looked like Play Doh?

2) That doll is so cute and just the right color- which is super hard to find.

3) I love you section of glass tile above the stove. I would like to do an entire wall in the stuff, but that would cost me an arm and a leg- literally. LOVE IT!

4) After we resume normal, let's do another field trip!