Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Recipe :)

We made this yummy goodness the other night :) YUMMO right?

Beware though it makes OODLES upon OODLES......and I have a Hubby and 4 Kids LOL!!!

So tonight in trying to get it outta my fridge. (BOY does it clean out one sinuses). And in general clean out the fridge. We made this. A combo of a few of our tried and true recipes!!!

Rest of the salsa.
Browned a Package of Hamburger.
Can of Black Olives.
Jar of Queso Cheese.
Rest of the Package of Cheddar Cheese
Rest of the Package of Mozz. Cheese
Can of Tomatoes w/Chilis
Cooked Rice

Makes a Soupy Mix great for dippin' Chips!!

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