Friday, February 19, 2010

A Spontaneous Trip to the Zoo :)

Hubby has had the past few days off. Good for family Time. Bad for Momma's that have a tendency to worry about paychecks, money, the economy and where this remodel business is going ;)

Let's focus on the good.....God has ALWAYS provided for us and I don't think now is that time He will let us go....... so Wednesday morning in passing (10am) "Ahh we should have gotten up and gone to the zoo!" To which Hubby replied, "Let's Go"

So we packed up a lunch and headed out!! We pulled into the parking lot and there were 10 cars there!! NO LIE!!! We had the place to ourselves!!!! It was a wonderful day!!!!

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Tisra said...

How cute are you and your kiddos????!!!! What a gorgeous set of pictures!