Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm thinking.......

......that the Omega 3"s would be more helpful if I remembered to give them to the Kiddos everyday ;)

Ahhh maybe next week we can start LOL!!!

Which makes me wonder what else do you give your kiddos and why?


A Stafford said...

Maybe you need to take some ginkgo biloba to improve your memory enough to give your kids their Omega 3's regularly! :-)

Mine take: Omega 3+multivitamin. They also get probiotics/prebiotics in various forms. (Little one also takes fiber supplements but that is sb related.)

Kelly said...

I've read that synthetic vitamins might actually be harmful rather than helpful, so unless I can verify the source of the nutrient, I don't take any and don't give any to my son. We do drink raw milk and take coconut oil though.