Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cute Huh?

Meet #1 :) He just recently turned 12. My first born. My sensitive child. My Mr Smarty Pants.
He's going through an awkward stage right now, that in between being a little kid and big kid.
He's a quiet behind the scenes kinda person. Loves to read and draw. More of a be by yourself or very small group to really come out of his shell, but an amazing kid none the less!
I can't wait to see this boy blossom into what God has for him!

Meet #2. He is the first born of the twins. He is funny and very hard working. I see more and more of his Dad in him everyday. Always wants to be doing a project. He is a out doors kinda guy, and struggling the most with the whole vegetarian thing lol!!
He has a heart of gold. He LOVES animals.
And is a boy to the core. He hates school and shopping ;)

Meet #3 :) She is my second born of the twins. Funny when we set out to have kids I always wanted boys. Always. I was a girl and knew how bad they were lol!!!
She has stolen my heart like only a little girl can. She is an amazing help around the house. A fantastic big sister. Couldn't ask for more! She is shy for sure, but becoming a more people person as she ages. She looks forward to being a wife/mother if that is what God has for her!

Little Peanut #4. She is a joy to be around. Funny and very outgoing. It has been a joy to watch her go from Orphan to Daughter these last 17 months! I can't begin to tell what a blessing she is.
She has done amazing and we see God's Hand all over her.


Kelly said...

What a great tribute to your kids!

Suzanne said...

What a lovely family!

Brooke said...

Did you take the pictures? You are good! Your twins look so much like you :) B is looking old!