Friday, April 02, 2010

I often Wonder.....

.....what it is like to be a little Indian Girl with Caucasian Parents. Siblings. Grandparents. Cousins. Distant Relatives. The lady at the grocery store. Post office. You get the idea :)

On the way to church the other day #4 asked,
"What color Mama?" Peach "What color Daddy?" Peach "What color #1?" Peach "What color #2?" Peach "What color #3?" "Are you noticing a trend here #4?" James said.

To which her response was a VERY sad "Yes.... #4 Brown"

I think a trip to the Indian Neighborhood or the Indian Restaurant is in store.......or maybe just a trip to see one of the "Ashraya Cousins"!!!


A Stafford said...

We'll leave the light on for you! :-)

Kelly said...

Maybe you could use it as an opportunity to highlight her uniqueness, and that God created each one uf just the way He wants us and that's what really matters!

Granola Girl said...

Saris (I hope I spelled that right) are very bright colors and have lots of sparkles, jingly accessories, and very interesting patterns. Perhaps you could have a night when she and her siblings all got to dress up. You could have an activity where her heritage was spotlighted and she could feel special. Everyone could see how wonderful it was that she was brown.

Though only a quarter American Indian I really look it. I grew up with my grandmother who was Native and my grandfather who was Swedish. Two brown, one peach. In our household, we spent specific time discussing the heritage of each so that I could understand it and why he looked so differently. As I have grown up, cultural understanding and the non-judgmental questioning has always seemed to come easier.

This could be a great thing for all the kids.

Brooke said...

Dealing with the same issues over here. . . not so fun and really sad. It guess it is time to find some Indian friends. . . anyone want to be our friend?