Sunday, April 04, 2010

Made the Switch :)

Plastic to Glass :)

I haven't researched it enough to know if I really care....but it was time to replace everything so we went with glass!

The next step in our kitchen.....the baking cabinet and spice cabinet!

And this just cause I like it :) I bought it with Spaghetti Sauce in mind!!!


Kelly said...

I'm trying NOT to buy any more plastic and to start using the glass dishes I have instead of the plastic. Avoiding it completely would be next to impossible, I think, but I can sure limit our exposure.
I'm trying to remember to look for metal kitchen utensils when I'm at thrift stores.

Granola Girl said...

Have you tried Pyrex? We ran into a steal for vintage Pyrex at a garage sale so we got some. I am totally hooked now and converting most all of our kitchen over.

All glass, gorgeous, refrigerator/oven/microwave safe and pretty darn cheap. The other plus is that it lasts FOREVER! I don't know how they do it but this glass just doesn't break or chip much at all. We buy it on Ebay.

The vintage stuff is beautiful and we keep it in our open air cabinets so that it is like a useful kitchen accessory.

Kelly said...

I don't remember where I read it, but make sure your Pyrex is the eally OLD stuff. Sometime in the early 70's there was a change in the formula and it's not so strong-and will break at times that you aren't prepared for. I'm guessing if you do an internet search you'll get plenty of info.