Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Resurection Sunday!!

My husband thought Chicken Behinds were FUNNY that morning :)


Kelly said...

Would it help your youngest daughter to see a picture of our family? Our foster son (please pray that soon he'll be OUR son) is Navajo and has dark hair and eyes. I could post one at my blog if you thnk it might help.

Brooke said...

So you weren't kidding? When you mentioned animals in your house on Easter morning, you literally meant live chickens and ducks. Wow! I will take you at your word next time ;)

whenpigsfly said...

Chickens and a duck in the house didn't phase me. What did I, the Farm Marm notice? Your chickens obviously have no rooster pestering them! LOL! Completely neatly feather covered behinds in your photo tell the "Tale" Fun photos for sure!