Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My 1st 5k!!

RR = Race Report in the running world :)

I'll start at Friday Night. Butterflies. Millions of Butterflies! I began wondering how I could get myself out of it!! Saturday much of the same. In the evening I told Hubby I was sick and not going. Sunday Hubby's alarm goes off. It didn't wake me up. I was already awake against my will. The butterflies at this point were doing crazy gymnastics :) But I figured hey what is the worst that can happen right? SO here we are on the way to the school to sign in. Notice dark. Rainy. And know that it was a chilly morning!!
I got there hoping to see someone else with a "Mom Body"......not so much. What I DID see was "Chicago Marathon" & "Boston Marathon" t shirts. A couple of half marathon t shirts. Once again I thought "what on earth am I doing here".
But I found myself sitting at a table just waiting. Waiting for that one person to make me feel better about being there.
Well he/she never came.
But I stayed.
And I ran.
And I waved to a little girl on the side who was still very excited to see runners come by her house. Even by the time I got there :) She asked her mom "What's her name" as I past. :)
We ran through the neighborhood near the local high school. So we had "cheerleaders" aka town residents lined up outside watching. Yay...... no not so much.
I started and stayed with the group. The back of the group but nevertheless the group. I was pretty excited to hit mile #1 and learn that my time so far was 13 minutes!!
But I could tell in the next mile that I shouldn't have been so excited about the 13 minute mile lol! So I slowed a bit and kept going.
Did some walking. And was very thankful the person in front of me was about the same pace......I had a weird fear that I would get lost. I figured at least we'd get lost together!!
Coming up to the end I walked a bit and another...Mom I assume....said "Come on we got this" made me smile......and run to the end!
So how did I do?
But ya know what.....It didn't bother me in the least. I finished. And that is what I came for.
Ya want to know the "best part" of coming in last.....the announcer announced "everyone cheer for our last runner" .......could have lived with out that :)
And I can honestly say that I CAN NOT WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!
And I promptly went to the van and put this on:
ETA: the results were posted today and I was in fact NOT last!!!! 3 Runners came in behind me :)
I was 207 out of 210 runners. And 325 bibs were given out. So in all reality I "beat" those other 115 who didn't show up :)

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Kelly said...

Way to go! I used to be a runner but now i get shin splints. Keep it up, never know what could happen!