Sunday, October 17, 2010

2nd One Done :)

Hmm I wonder if this ever gets old because the 2nd was just as great as the 1st......minus the nervousness of the in fact it was perfect :)

I wasn't last AND I had a better time then the last 5k :) Okay not much better but I smiled when I saw the time!! 43:xx no idea the seconds....I was trying desperately not to throw up :( Not sure what my problem was but it passed quickly!!
My times looked something like:
1st Mile: 10:28 <---- WOOT WOOT!!!
1st & 2nd Mile: 29:xx
Whole Thing: 43:xx
The race was in the dark we ran by candlelight (with hills ACK)....... and the weather was perfect!!!

Hubby and Me after the race :)
Have I mentioned that I love running......even if for now it's slow :)
20 days until the next one!!!!!!!
And Mrs McD.....just in case there was any question ;)
ETA: 43:37.5
#372 out of 455 Runner/Walkers
52nd out of 70 in my Age Division

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