Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Sunday Night we came home to a text on the phone from my SIL (sister in law). "Dad slipped on the ice and is on his way to the ER"

Followed a bit later by "he is heading to surgery, dr not sure he will make it"

Hubby and #1 head to the Hospital.

Monday we get that some family is coming in "just in case" and to be with those waiting at the hospital.

Then enter Tuesday's News: WE HAVE MOVEMENT (on the right side) and he is (still out of it) BUT able to follow simple commands pertaining to moving his right side. PRAISE THE LORD :)

So our requests as of Tuesday:

He is still unconscious. But there was movement last night. He was
able to follow simple instructions to move his right side. That was a

One concern right now is there still has been no movement on the left
side. They (the drs) are waiting for him to wake up before giving any
guesses at to where he is at mentally and physically.

They removed part of his skull to relieve the pressure build up. They
will keep him like that (w/o part of the skull) for 90 days. During
those 90 days they will do multiple cat scans watching for aneurysms,
bleeding and swelling. They are also watching closely for seizures.

Please keep my FIL (Father in Law) Jim in your prayers.


sasicas said...

I will be praying!

Kelly said...

I'll pray too. I hope you have good news soon!