Thursday, February 03, 2011

So we survived :)

......what was supposed to be called "The Storm of the Century" here in our part of the US :)

Tuesday evening I decide maybe if we get stuck for a few days we would like to have more food, water and TP! I'm not going to lie.....I was a little worried about what the store would look like the day before we would get said storm of the century......but our store was fine. Yes there were a few extra people...but as far as stock they had plenty :) Praise the Lord!!

Fast Forward to Wednesday. we get up yesterday and still see some grass and a lot of our driveway???? What the heck.....people had pictures of buried cars and had to dig themselves out if their front doors? And we opened our doors to maybe 2 inches of snow! Then hubby decides to go and plow and he finds all the snow......DRIFTS were awful out here!! But we are safe and back to "normal" although we are freezing our bums off..... -20 is the wind chill today! New Mexico anyone?

 But anyhow here is the city.........


Kind of blurry but those poor people were stuck there for 5+ hours!!!!

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A Stafford said...

My dad lived in Chicago during the big storm of '67 they kept talking about on the news. He had fun reminiscing about it--telling me about his car being trapped on the road, attempting to hoof it home, and getting a ride the last 8 miles in a garbage truck with a plow mounted on it. Glad you made it through!