Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure.


Sometimes you have to focus on the good in life. Sometimes I find it all to easy to focus on all that we don't have. To focus on all the old hand me down stuff....when others are getting the new and improved stuff.
It's stuff after all.....who cares.

This picture is a reminder to me of who is important. Who I would actually have a hard time with out.
The (human) person who is in fact my world.
The person who lifts me up when I am down.
The person who lives out the words "for better or worse".
The person who has been there when I have made some of the stupidest mistakes.
The person who is my best friend.
My everything.


Bonky's Mom said...

Love it! It's so easy to compare ourselves to those around us...God keeps bringing the word 'entitlement' to my mind...why do I think I am entitled to anything...especially when we have been blessed so many already.

Anyway...not preaching at you...just walking with ya!

*Barbie said...

aw...loved that=)

Butterfly said...

That is soo the truth! =)