Monday, July 11, 2011

In my quest for the "Crunchy" or "Hippie" Label.........

I made deodorant AND "clorox" wipes today!!!!!

1/4 C baking soda, 1/4 c corn starch . . . mix, 2-3 Tbls coconut oil. . . mix, then add 2-3 drops TTO and 5-10 drops of your optional EO.

The wipes:


Tisra said...

It's been some time... busy, busy, busy for me.

I tried the deodorant recipe last year and LOVED it. Worked so well- no smell. None. But then, about 3 months after starting, I got pimples all in my underarm. I had to stop. It cleared up. I re-started, and so did the pimples. :-( Now, I've resolved to using the horrible store-bought bad-for-you stuff again. Wonder what went wrong?

Anyway... thinking of all my India adoption online buddies as we prepare to move to India! We've been called to the mission field. Help if you can help. Spread the word. We're trying to get there by Oct/Nov, and still need to fill some monthly support slots.

More info here:


Sweet .n. Simple said...

Does the homemade deodorant really work? Just stopped by to say hi. I noticed you are still following under my old blog name:( The new site is A Sweet .N. Simple Life @
Smiles, Kelsey