Sunday, January 01, 2012

Looking ahead to 2012.

1. Start doing extra things for hubby to S H O W how much I love and appreciate him! (thank you pinterest for the first few ideas!)

2. Do the same for kids :)

3. Run 1000 miles. YES that is way way over what I did this year. WAY. But this year I ended a slacking loser in that dept. I also this summer would like to run my first half......that training should help!

4. Continue this weight loss journey. Again this year I have become relaxed.....a bit to relaxed and it shows :(

5. Keep up with getting a bit at a time for Christmas. I hate the stress (that yes I allow myself to feel) at Christmas time. I hate feeling that it will never come together. I shop on Christmas Eve. I forget people. I have actually BOUGHT presents on the way to people homes. Not good. I have big hopes and dreams in that dept lol!!!

6. Think of others. What ways can I bless another person today?

7. One hope this year....which may be way out of my league.....another 5 minutes off my 5k time :) That would make it 35 minutes!!

8. Actually DO a pinterest project at least every other week!!

9. Blog more often!

10. Take more pictures even though the kiddos yell in protest!!

11. Torment the kids with lots of camping trips and trips to visit family!!

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Robertson Family said...

Loving the Pinerest! Im hooked!