Saturday, April 28, 2012

Race 10 & 11 *big smile*

Last year I did this race and loved it....decided to try it again. When I signed up I saw the mini ichallenge and figured what the heck :) Fast forward a few months to actually time to run and I thought......what was I thinking? lol!

Last year when I ran it I was pretty excited to run my first race all the way through.....then that last bit (IN THE STADIUM) I just wanted to puke :( So this year the goal was 1. run the whole thing 2. don't feel sick!! Both of which were accomplished!! Woo Hoo!

That was Friday Night. Enter Saturday.....alarm goes off at 6am and you can hear the rain POUNDING on the motel. Stink! The week before I was like "bring it" "first race in the rain" but was quickly reminded of the training run that ended in rain and what that did to my shoes and poor feet and quickly prayed that the rain would stop until the race was over.....and not over for the fast people.....for me a slow runner :) It did! 

Time wise it was quite a bit slower then my first 10k (that will teach me to slack off in the winter!!!) I had a great time and enjoyed myself. Had lots of thoughts while running.....I usually tend to zone. This time there was praying, goal making, and thinking about how far I have come and still would like to go!

Enter this song in the ipod:

I ran so full of thankfulness that while I might be slow.....I was out enjoying a beautiful morning RUNNING. Two legs, forward motion, healthy heart & lungs are a glorious thing :) *tears were flowing at this point!

God and I decided this morning that the new running goal, which I realize will take YEARS, is to Boston Qualify! Just puttin' that out there as a goal!

And here is some of my inspiration:


Jess said...

Sounds great! I bet you can reach your goal!! Love ya girl!

Sarah F. said...

Love it- inspirational!! You need to do the Cooper River Bridge Run too!!! LOL

Beth said...

You totally rock! Even your slacking is more than I have done. Good for you!

sschneringer said...

You are amazing!! You made my weekend race that much more doable because I know what you accomplished this last weekend. I'm so thankful for a running friend like you!! And, yes, you will qualify for Boston!