Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yeah Paperwork.

Please remind me that it was me not long ago that complained about "just waiting" no paper work just wait. So I got my paper work boy howdy ;) I 600?, I 864?, Visas?, what to pack for her, security at the airports, letter to the Consulate?, and a whole page of papers that need to be copied to take to the Embassy appointment. That sounds pretty important and they want hillbilly me to do that :) Yeah great the same person that searched my WHOLE town looking for a John Deere hoodie for her to wear on the plane trip home. Figured we'd start her out right ;)

So here we go......I CAN do ALL things through Christ.....

BTW NO I didn't find a pink John Deere hoodie lol :)

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Kristi said...

Last minute paperwork is so much fun isn't it? Ha! We just finished ours last week and boy did it feel good to be done. :)

I hope you find that pink John Deer hoodie!

BTW - booked our tickets! Yay!

Kristi W.