Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Chapter 2.....

........and the follow up to the previous post :)

If you missed chapter one HERE it is.

The waiting part of adoption is so not fun.....with every step I think it has to get easier now right?
Big fat WRONG! With every step you are closer to bringing your little one home. With every one step taken there is another right behind. Hurry up and wait......

I struggle with faith, I struggle with how big my God is. That He controls everything. And sometimes to my dismay He wants me to wait on Him and His timing. I wonder if He gets tired of proving Himself to me......but then remember He KNOWS me, I can't surprise Him. In getting to this step He has proven Himself over and over. That He is in control and He does in fact have a plan. I often forget how good of a plan He has. In fact the Perfect Plan for my life.....for #4's life.

After getting guardianship I have moved from being ok with His plans to STRESSING out about finances and travel......big time. "Should James go with." "It's far cheaper for me to go alone." I even toyed with the idea of letting him go alone. "What about the kids?" "What about our zoo?" But something, someone, tells me "It's ok". My Dad calls and tells me that he thinks James should go. I tell him my "issues" to which he responded "I will take the kids and give you some money." I love my Dad but he's cheap he doesn't just give up his money like that ;) Sooo God. Our zoo...a family from church came up and volunteered to come to our house and take care of our animals. WOW just wow. Who volunteers to watch a dog that's not potty trained, 2 very loud birds, 2 stinky rabbits, and oodles of fish.......again so God.

Last night I decide to sit down and figure out how much we would need to go together. Airline tickets, motel in Bangalore, Bed & Breakfast in New Delhi, taxis, her visa, her medical appointment, everything but food. How much was my total? ........$4858.42.

When we got #4's referral we were able to apply for a loan through wacap. A loan for 0% interest for 3 yrs. We applied we were approved. We also by "mistake" paid for her visa when actually we will do it ourselves while in India. Care to take a guess as to how much that will be? .........$4880. I sat and looked at those 2 numbers and was in awe how similar they where.


Times are slow where my husband works. No shocker there everything is slowing down. They "just so happen" to have a big job coming up. That job was supposed to start the day we leave for India. That same job is remodel and not flooring so my husband needs to do it. Timing way off right? WRONG......the cabinets came in yesterday TWO WEEKS EARLY :) The job starts tomorrow. Soooo hubbys boss is going to pay him for the 2 weeks he is off.......ONLY GOD..ONLY GOD!!!!


I call the hospital that we took our daughter to in April about a payment I made and the insurance also made. Totally prepared to fight with them. "oh yes that is a mistake we will cut you a check." Do you see a pattern.....only God.

So as I sit here today wondering about her passport. Wondering about our visas. I am reminded that He is in control......He knows whats going on. He's "got this one!" Maybe it will "goof up" *my* travel plans.....but if it gets us in line with His travel plans it will be better then I ever expected!!


Bonky's Mom said...

I am loving seeing Him work this all out for your fam! How exciting!

Charlie McCoy said...

To God be the glory!!!! I just love this, reading your story of how God is guiding and providing! Praise His name! That's just AWESOME!