Monday, December 01, 2008

Answering some quesitons from the comments :)

Are you exhausted or what? Today finally I feel "normal"......whatever that is right :)
How is she doing with your other kids? I think that someone is enjoying being the smallest kiddo!
James? She is a Daddy's girl with out question!!
Any grief signs yet? No and that concerns me a bit. I know if you have never adopted that seems weird to say. We took her to church yesterday and some people wonder why she would grieve, she was from an orphanage afterall. Why would she grieve that she has a family now. But being 3 she still really has no idea what a family is. And yes she does know she has "something" here with us. She has NO IDEA if it will last. Afterall she has been in 3 different beds since we took her from the orphanage. Also we want her to grieve for the people who took care of her. To have been bonded to them. So she can "switch" to us :) Maybe I am worrying too much...........

Yesterday was her first day at church. Again can I just say this child is amazing :) She did fabulous! Let me say that Sundays for us are LLLOOONNGG!!!!! We leave the house at 9:30 and get home @ 9:30 :) Our church runs buses in neighboring towns and has "Sunday School" in the afternoon for them! We ride the bus and help in a Sunday School class. She sat for the morning service quiet I might add! And had lunch with us......chili another thing to add to her list of things she likes! Rode the bus (took her nap), and sat quietly in my class! Then she sat on James' lap for the evening service and eventually fell asleep there. She didn't talk....much :) She just looked around and took it all in.

Well today we start our "new normal"! We are going to work on her attention span! Our goal for today and hour of "school". Not all at once but over the course of the monring!!


Christy O said...

So excited for you all. Now the path of getting to a new routine - for everyone!!! So far, so good. Enjoy each new experience. We are having such an interesting time as our boys are now more fluent and can tell us more - about their lives before, about how we felt during the process, lots of things that we can finally share much better. And I know as they continue to grow and develop, we will continue to revisit it in different ways as we all process it. As they process it as teenagers, as young adults, as parents and on and on.
Christy in WI
(by the way, loving all the photos - feel free to add more!!!)

Tami said...

It sounds like you all are doing perfect! I can't wait to hear more about #4 and the rest:)

Charlie McCoy said...

She sounds like such a peach. The Lord has blessed y'all with a wonderful little girl. Praise the Lord that she is adapting so well. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful adventure and journey with us. I've truly enjoyed all that you have shared with us, and I continue to pray that she'll grow and develop. I know with you as a Mommy that she'll grow into a beautiful young lady!

A Stafford said...

I'm very excited to hear that B behaved herself in church! A did well also--although it was hard to teach sunday school while holding a one-year old the whole time!! .....And hard to practice for the Christmas program ......... playing the piano with her on my lap trying to play too! :-)

Anyway, I hope B's first day of "schooling" went well. She should be somewhat familiar with the concept since they did have "learning" times at Ashraya.

Even though it is tough to see A so reluctant to go to others, it does help me remember that she has gone through a great separation from all she knows and I take comfort in the fact that she is clinging to me to help her make the transition.

We are so blessed, Jennifer!

Look forward to visiting with you again soon.

whenpigsfly said...

So glad things are progressing smoothly for all of you.Sounds like she knows she belongs and she FITS!!

Elaine said...

Hey, Friend,
We're back from Iowa and I am looking forward to seeing your family again. Glad you made it back safely too.
We had a friend who was over in India, translating Scripture for quite awhile. She got 'stuck' there for a bit after the trouble started over there.
She is on her way home now though, I believe. I'm just glad to have you all HOME.
Look forward to meeting 'b' also.
God bless you, and He has, and He will.